Business valuation

‘How much is my company worth?’ This is a question we often hear from business owners or shareholders, business partners, spouses, and family stakeholders whenever a sales transaction is imminent.

A business valuation may be necessary for you as a business owner in various situations, including a business transfer within the family, sale to a third party, a merger or acquisition, a conflict between shareholders, or in the sad case of a death or divorce. A typical question in these situations is: ‘How much is my company worth? This is a question that can only be answered by specialists.

Whereas accountants used to serve as experts in this area, it has now become the domain of specialists known in the Netherlands as Register Valuators (RV) (Chartered Business Valuators in other countries). The professionals at HLG corporate finance all possess this expertise in spades. Register Valuators (Chartered Business Valuators) are financial experts who specialise in determining a company’s economic value. The value of the company is calculated based on several variants of the discounted cash flow (DCF) method. A growing number of business owners, legal experts, civil-law notaries and other specialists and professional practitioners are engaging the services of Register Valuators, including for business transfers, takeovers/acquisitions and disputes, as well as for tax restructuring operations.

A business valuation tells the business owner exactly how much their business is worth by answering questions about aspects such as its size, risk profile (required return), the company’s sector or industry and financial results, future outlook, and economic conditions and influences. Where is the company right now and how successful is it, or could it potentially be?

We will be pleased to assist you in each of the situations described above.

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