(Vendor) Due Diligence


Due diligence (DD) is an audit or investigation that is a routine part of any acquisition or sale of a company. As a potential buyer, you generally have a duty to investigate the company you are acquiring, and the seller must give you the opportunity to conduct a due diligence investigation. This investigation is carried out by specialists and should not be underestimated.
At HLG corporate finance, we specialise in conducting financial and tax audits, as well as working closely with various specialists in areas such as HR, Legal, Technology, IT, Commercial, and Environment. We can facilitate and perform a comprehensive audit in any of these areas.


If you are considering selling your business, HLG corporate finance can conduct an independent vendor due diligence investigation for you in advance. This prepares you, as the seller, for potential hurdles in the transaction process and how to manage and eliminate them, while you will also learn how to proactively respond to any eventualities.

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